“The SRS project pushes you out of your intellectual comfort zone
and challenges you to learn new things and develop skills to
solve unexpected problems.”

Tobin South, The University of Adelaide

Student Research Projects

Annual cohorts of AMSI Summer Research Scholarship students are announced in October each year.

Each scholar will undertake supervised research in for their chosen project, prepare a research report, write a non-technical blog post and present their research findings at AMSIConnect.

Meet the current and recent past Scholars, and learn about their projects by clicking on the links under ‘Details’

The SRS reports, blogs and profiles are written and proofed by individual authors and supervisors. Any of the opinions or work presented in these reports and blogs belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute or of its staff.


In 2023-24, twenty-six AMSI Summer Research Scholarships were awarded to students from seventeen AMSI Member universities.

2023-24 AMSI Summer Research Scholarships were jointly funded by AMSI, Jane Street and the AMSI Foundation.

The University of Adelaide Alex Marciano Professor Finnur Lárusson
Dr David Baraglia
Categories of directed and undirected graphs View profile
The University of New England Chih Yuan (Yuan) Chan Dr Robert Cope Investigation of the switching threshold in the Switching Observer Model for human perceptual estimation View profile
The University of Adelaide Chun Hei Lee Professor Finnur Lárusson
Dr David Baraglia
Categories of directed and undirected graphs View profile
RMIT University Dillon Batdorf Professor Irene Hudson Time series clustering, visualisation and explainability - Applications in Climate Change and Finance View profile
University of Wollongong Elizabeth Mabbutt Dr Matt Moores
Professor Aidan Sims
Gaussian Processes for Modelling the Navier Stokes Equations View profile
Monash University Emily Palit Associate Professor Timothy Garoni A Generalisation of the Ising Model on the Complete Graph View profile
The University of New South Wales Enxi Lin Associate Professor Pinhas Grossman Spectra of Toeplitz operators on Hardy-Hilbert Spaces View profile
The University of Sydney Hanyang Zheng Dr Clara Grazian Hidden Markov Models for Analyzing Stress Levels in Working Dogs: A Comparative Study of Data Collection Devices and Frequencies View profile
Macquarie (University of Wollongong) Isaac Bankier Associate Professor Richard Garner Freely Adding Equality to Primary Fibrations View profile
The University of Melbourne James Kelly Associate Professor Marcy Robertson
Dr Léo Diaz
A Category Theoretic Approach to Dynamical Systems View profile
The University of Sydney Jason Liu Professor Nalini Joshi Post-Quantum Cryptography View profile
The University of Western Australia Jason Lu Professor Michael Small Using Key Cycles in Transition Networks to Identify High-Information Partitions View profile
The University of Queensland Joel Woodfield Dr Nan Ye Data-Efficient Reinforcement Learning View profile
The University of Western Australia Jolyon Joyce Associate Professor John Bamberg Foundations of Hyperbolic Geometry View profile
University of Technology Sydney Jonathan Mavroforas Professor Anthony Dooley Stochastic Optimal Control and Robust Filtering Under Rough Paths View profile
The University of Queensland Joseph Kwong Dr Ramiro Lafuente Doubly warped product Einstein metrics View profile
The University of New South Wales Kenrick Chung Dr Mircea Voineagu G-C.W. Complexes and their Homology View profile
The University of Newcastle Liam Barnes Dr Hannah Schunke Coriolis Force acting on Magnetic Active Regions on the Sun View profile
Deakin University Matthew Cochran Dr Guillermo Pineda Villavicencio Low-diameter Networks for Applications on High Performance Computing and Communication Networks View profile
Swinburne University of Technology Minh Thu Nguyen Dr Louise Olsen-Kettle Modelling Impact Resistant Materials for use in Protective Gear View profile
Monash University Nelly Tucker Associate Professor Andrea Collevecchio
Professor Kais Hamza
Long memory random walks View profile
Queensland University of Technology Nina Hadzivukovic Dr Pascal Buenzli
Professor Matthew Simpson
Curvature dependence of reaction-diffusion front speed with nonlinear diffusion View profile
Queensland University of Technology Rebecca Milne Dr Pascal Buenzli
Dr Vivien Challis
Optimising bone shape with renewable mechanical memory View profile
Western Sydney University Saakshi Singh Associate Professor Oliver Obst
Mr Matthias Fresacher
Partition Diagram Factorisations using Machine Learning Techniques View profile
The University of Melbourne Yichen Jiang Dr Heejung Shim
Cell type deconvolution methods for spatial isoform-resolution expression
View profile
The University of Newcastle Zachariah Jones Associate Professor David Pontin Topology and Complexity of Braided Magnetic Fields of the Sun View profile

In 2022-23 forty AMSI Vacation Research Scholars from 17 AMSI Member universities completed supervised research for their chosen project.

Please click on the student profile URL under Details to view each Scholars biography, project abstract, research report & blog post.

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Curtin University Jecinta Jaarola Nicola Armstrong Improving the Prediction of Patient Outcomes via Integration of Clinical Information with Genome-wide data https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/jecinta-jaarola/
Deakin University Xiaojuan He Sergey Polyakovskiy Advanced Optimisation Techniques to the Variable‐Sized 2‐dimensional Bin Packing Problem https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/xiaojuan-he/
James Cook University Yihong Mei Sourav Das Non-stationary dynamics of climate statistics and its visualization https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/yihong-mei/
La Trobe University Lauren White Mumtaz Hussain Metric Properties of Continued Fractions https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/lauren-white/
La Trobe University Soprom Meng Yuri Nikolayevsky & Grant Cairns Geometry of 1-parameter subgroups of Lie groups https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/soprom-meng/
Macquarie University Joel Denning Hugh Entwistle & Georgy Sofronov Prophet Inequalities https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/joel-denning/
Macquarie University Yixin Kang Christian Thomas Onset of turbulence in channel flow https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/yixin-kang/
Monash University Huateng Zhu Tim Garoni Limit theorems for the Curie- Weiss-Potts model https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/huateng-zhu/
Monash University Jack Mills Kais Hamza Supercritical Percolation Cluster of Independent Bond Percolation of the Hypercube https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/jack-mills/
Monash University Liam Wood-Baker Andrea Collevecchio & Kais Hamza

Properties of Random Walks and their applications to Mathematical Physics https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/liam-wood-baker/
Monash University Oscar Eden Daniel Mathews & Jian He Knots and Combinatorics https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/oscar-eden/
Queensland University of Technology Dang Tran Chris Drovandi & Simon Denman Deep Learning Surrogates for Accurate and Fast Bayesian Inference for Complex Mathematical Models https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/dan-tran/
Queensland University of Technology Mikaela Westlake Adrianne Jenner Capturing the impact of patient variability in a novel cancer treatment using Bayesian inference https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/mikaela-westlake/
Swinburne University of Technology Rakindu Wickramarathne Sergey Suslov Dynamical System Approach to Modelling of Electromagnetic Stirring https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/rakindu-wickramarathne/
University of Adelaide Lachlan Schilling Finnur Larusson & Daniel Stevenson The Category of Dessins d'Enfants https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/lachlan-schilling/
University of Adelaide Macey Lawson Matthew Roughan Analysis of Humpback Whale Songs using Information Theory Techniques https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/macey-lawson/
University of Adelaide Paawan Jethva Finnur Larusson & Daniel Stevenson The Category of Dessins d'Enfants https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/paawan-jethva/
University of Adelaide Thomas Dee Finnur Larusson & Daniel Stevenson The Category of Dessins d'Enfants https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/thomas-dee/
University of Adelaide Yawei Chen Yvonne Stokes Climate Sensitivity Modelling https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/yawei-chen/
University of Melbourne Jiani Xie Nathan Ross Long Run Behaviour of Infinite Pólya Urn Models https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/jiani-xie/
University of Melbourne Patrick Grave Heejung Shim Accurate identification of splice junctions using nanopore
direct RNA sequencing
University of Melbourne Runqiu Fei Professor Guoqi Qian Predicting Stock Price Volatility within a Month–A Functional Data Analysis Approach https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/runqiu-fei/
University of Melbourne Yixiang Wang Johanna Knapp Supersymmetric quantum mechanics and the Witten index https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/yixiang-wang/
University of New South Wales Xiaoyu Li Guoyin Li Randomization Techniques for Large-Scale Optimization https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/xiaoyu-li/
University of New South Wales Yuqi Liu Thomas Britz An investigation into properties of the Closeness Centrality of a graph https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/yuqi-liu/
University of Newcastle Anna Carpenter Karen Livesey Effective magnetic properties of composites https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/anna-carpenter/
University of Newcastle Josiah Murray Natalie Thamwattana & Mike Meylan
Modelling the dynamic response of a rail track with rubber inclusion https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/josiah-murray/
University of Newcastle Lucy Dowdell Natalie Thamwattana & Mike Meylan Modelling Chemical and Biological Clogging of Permeable Reactive Barrier when Treating Acidic Groundwater https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/lucy-dowdell/
University of Newcastle Marcus Chijoff Stephan Tornier Writing A GAP Package For Local Action Diagrams https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/marcus-chijoff/
University of Queensland Benjamin Kruger Artem Pulemotov Geometric Partial Differential Equations on Lie Supergroups https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/benjamin-kruger/
University of Queensland Timothy Ryall Dietmar Oelz Mathematical modelling and simulation of stress fibers in living cells https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/timothy-ryall/
University of Southern Queensland Brenton Horne Dmitry Strunin & Nawin Raj Investigating spontaneous symmetry breaking of spatial Kerr solitons in fractional spatial dimensions using Fourier spectral methods. https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/brenton-horne/
University of Sydney Amelie Skelton Nathan Brownlowe Higher-Dimensional Self-Similar Actions https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/amelie-skelton/
University of Sydney Temana Short Uri Keich Utilizing side information to improve peptide identification in MS/MS data https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/temana-short/
University of Sydney Tiernan Cartwright Zhou Zhang The Riemann-Roch Theorem and Dirac Operators https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/tiernan-cartwright/
University of Sydney Tran Khanh Hung Giang Nam Ho-Nguyen Design and analysis of bilevel optimisation algorithms https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/tran-khanh-hung-giang/
University of Western Australia Joshua Troy Enrico Valdinoci & Serena Dipierro Explorations Into Minimal Surfaces https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/joshua-troy/
University of Western Australia Michael Nefiodovas Thomas Stemler & Max Ward Optimal Control in Stochastic Hydrodynamic Models: Rowing Across the Indian Ocean https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/michael-nefiodovas/
Western Sydney University Gabriel Schussler Laurence Park Moving through word embedding space https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/gabriel-schussler/
Western Sydney University Sarah Kawaguchi Laurence Park & Vishal Patel Image compression using convolutional networks https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/sarah-kawaguchi/

Please click on the student profile URL under Details to view each Scholars biography, project abstract, research report & blog post.

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Australian National University Olin Gao Vigleik Angeltveit Stable Homotopy Theory and the Adams Spectral Sequence https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/olin-gao/
Curtin University Zachary Tindale Mark Hayes Comparing Efficient Portfolios of Australian Shares Using Different Risk Measures https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/zachary-tindale/
Edith Cowan University Paimoe Tapsell Zulqarnain Gilani & Erchuan Zhang Using Dense Correspondence Between 3D Morphable Faces to Determine Expression https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/paimoe-tapsell/
Flinders University Cecilia Andersson Greg Falzon Deconvolving the Rocking Curve: Non-Parametric Wavelet Approaches to Phase-Contrast Imaging https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/cecilia-andersson/
Flinders University Jamie Keegan-Treloar Iwan Jensen Cellular Automata Traffic Analysis of Simple Road Networks https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/jamie-keegan-treloar/
La Trobe University Adam Bilchouris Andriy Olenko Hybrid Non-Linear Statistical Methods with Applications to Modelling House Prices https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/adam-bilchouris/
La Trobe University Adam Brown-Sarre Mumtaz Hussain Improving Dirichlet's Theorem https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/adam-brown-sarre/
Macquarie University Ben Martin Georgy Sofronov Optimal Strategies in Sequential Selection Problems https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/ben-martin/
Macquarie University Patrick Daley Christopher Lustri & Georgy Sofronov Optimal Stopping Differential Equations https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/patrick-daley/
Monash University Emma McQuire Daniel Mathews & Jian He Knots and Combinatorics https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/emma-mcquire/
Monash University Huan Chen Kais Hamza & Andrea Collevecchio Random Walks (Generic) and Their Applications https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/huan-chen/
Monash University Peter Gill Santiago Acevedo Cocyclic Generalised Hadamard Matrices https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/peter-gill/
Monash University Preet Patel Gregory Markowsky & Zihua Guo Complex Analytic Aspects of Differential Equations https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/preet-patel/
Monash University Pu Ti Dai Gregory Markowsky & Kaustav Das Properties of Brownian Motion https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/pu-ti-dai/
Monash University Thanh Dat Tran Tiangang Cui Computational (Optimal) Transport for Domain Adaptation https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/thanh-dat-tran/
Queensland University of Technology Geneva Birtles Adrianne Jenner Spatial Modelling of Lesion Development Informed by Multiple Sclerosis Patient MRIs https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/geneva-birtles/
Queensland University of Technology Joshua Roebuck Matthew Simpson & Scott McCue Mean Exit Time for Diffusion on Irregular Domains https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/joshua-roebuck/
Queensland University of Technology Luke Filippini Elliot Carr Parameterising Heat Diffusion Equations in 2D/3D Geometries https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/luke-filippini/
RMIT University Nayani Ranasinghe Asha Rao & Sevvandi Kandanaarachchi Statistical Methodologies for Temporal Networks https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/nayani-ranasinghe/
The University of Adelaide Sami Salem Sanjeeva Balasuriya Applicability of Discrete Fourier Transforms in Denoising Images https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/sami-salem/
The University of Adelaide Tyson Rowe Lewis Mitchell A Large-Scale Text Analysis of Australian TV Media https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/tyson-rowe/
The University of Melbourne David Chen Nathan Ross Properties of Random Network Models https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/david-chen/
The University of Melbourne Hannah Perry Kate Smith-Miles Optimising the Image Mosaicing of Visual Representations of Functions https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/hannah-perry/
The University of Melbourne Kate Zhang Nathan Ross Long-Term Behaviour of Ranking-Based Polya Urn Models https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/kate-zhang/
The University of Melbourne Miles Koumouris Paul Norbury Super Curves https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/miles-koumouris/
The University of Melbourne Minyuan Li Sophie Hautphenne A Computational Approach to Population-Size-Dependent Branching Processes https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/minyuan-li/
The University of Melbourne Muhammad Haris Rao Yaping Yang & Arun Ram The Representation Theory of Hecke Algebras Through the Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov Functor https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/muhammad-haris-rao/
The University of Melbourne Yifan Guo Ting Xue & Arun Ram KZ-Functor for Rational Cherednik Algebras https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/yifan-guo/
The University of Melbourne Yuxin Yan Heejung Shim Multi-Scale Poisson Process Approaches for Analysis Of Paired-End High-Throughput Sequencing Data https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/yuxin-yan/
The University of New South Wales Daniel Dunmore Arnaud Brothier C*-Algebras of Discrete Groups https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/daniel-dunmore/
The University of New South Wales Jovana Kolar Thomas Britz On the Sums of Möbius Function Values of a Finite Poset https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/jovana-kolar/
The University of Newcastle Ellen Lu Karen Livesey Analytic Theory for Magnetic Skyrmions https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/ellen-lu/
The University of Queensland Adam Thompson Ramiro Lafuente Bach Flow on Non-Product Homogeneous 4-Manifolds https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/adam-thompson/
The University of Queensland Jaco van Tonder Ramiro Lafuente & Timothy Buttsworth Special Solutions to the Ricci Flow on 4-Dimensional Principal Bundles https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/jaco-van-tonder/
The University of Queensland Jesse Woods Gabriele Tartaglino Mazzucchelli A New Weyl Multiplet for 6D N=1 Conformal Supergravity https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/jesse-woods/
The University of Queensland Kyle Macaskill Alan Huang Semi-Parametric Time-Series Models: Computation and Simulation https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/kyle-macaskill/
The University of Queensland Patrick Donovan Timothy Buttsworth Uniqueness of Einstein Metrics https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/patrick-donovan/
The University of Sydney Georgio Hawi Alexander Fish Polynomial Method in Additive Combinatorics: Extension of CAP Sets Problem to More Than Three Points https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/georgio-hawi/
The University of Sydney Jonathan Skelton Holger Dullin The 3-Body Problem in 4 Dimensions https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/jonathan-skelton/
The University of Sydney Rajan Shankar Jonathan Spreer Towards a Uniform Sampling Procedure for Abstract Triangulations of Surfaces https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/rajan-shankar/
The University of Western Australia Daniel Claassen Thomas Stemler Extreme Events and Critical Fluctuations in Generated Time Series Data https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/daniel-claassen/
The University of Western Australia Liuhao Yu Serena Dipierro The Dirichlet Problem in the Light of Capacity Theory https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/liuhao-yu/
The University of Western Australia Sophie Giraudo Inge Koch Statistical Analysis of Complex Proteomics Mass Spectrometry Data https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/sophie-giraudo/
University of South Australia Hanyi Wang John Boland & Sleiman Farah Infilling Missing Data in Time Series https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/hanyi-wang/
University of South Australia Shurui Yi John Boland & Guna Hewa Climate Variable Trends in South Australia https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/shurui-yi/
University of Technology Sydney Aden Northcote Murray Elder Geodesic Growth Function of a Virtually Heisenberg Group https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/aden-northcote/
University of Technology Sydney Mark Youssef Matias Quiroz Bayesian Estimation of Stationary Time Series Models with Exogenous Inputs https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/mark-youssef/
University of Wollongong Jamie Bell Adam Rennie & Alexander Mundey Curvature and Topology https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/jamie-bell/
University of Wollongong Jeremy Sterjovski Xiaoping Lu How Is American Option Optimal Price Affected by Transaction Costs? https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/jeremy-sterjovski/
University of Wollongong Michael Kaminski Andrew Zammit-Mangion Data Assimilation for Korteweg-De Vries Equations https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/michael-kaminski/
University of Wollongong Patrick Gillen Ning Wang Optimal Insurance Contract from a Principal-Agent Perspective https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/patrick-gillen/

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University Student Supervisor(s) Project Title Details
Australian National University Iulian Pavel Stoilescu Associate Professor James Borger Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry of Curves https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/pavel-stoilescu/
Australian National University Nicholas Bermingham Dr Vanessa Robins Entangled Structures https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/nick-bermingham/
Curtin University Ponpot Jartnillaphand Dr Hoa Bui Pallet-Packing Vehicle Routing Problem https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/ponpot-jartnillaphand/
Deakin University Bob La Dr Julien Ugon Piecewise Rational Approximation https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/bob-la/
Flinders University Susanna Grigson Associate Professor Vladimir Ejov, Professor Robert Edwards & Professor Jim Mitchell Hierarchical Classification of Protein Sequences https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/susanna-grigson/
La Trobe University Nauvoo Perez Dr Hien Duy Nguyen Predicting Relapse in Colorectal Cancer Patients Using Feature Extraction https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/nauvoo-perez/
La Trobe University Kristian Caracciolo Dr Joel Miller Control Strategies for a Superspreading Virus at Very Low Prevalence https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/kristian-caracciolo/
Macquarie University Peter (Hoang Nhat Huy) Nguyen Dr Georgy Sofronov & Dr Houying Zhu Efficient Estimation of Risk Measures Using Monte Carlo Methods https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/peter-nguyen/
Macquarie University Ashley (Yannan) Lin Dr Georgy Sofronov & Dr Chong It Tan Exploring Exotic Probability Theory https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/ashley-lin/
Macquarie University Gaurangi Gupta Dr Georgy Sofronov & Dr Nan Zou When Does Machine Learning Work in Time Series Forecasting? https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/gaurangi-gupta/
Monash University Jacob Vandenberg Professor Santiago Badia & Dr Alberto Martin Performance of Multiscale Finite Element Methods https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/jacob-vandenberg/
Monash University Jiayu Li Associate Professor Andrea Collevecchio & Associate Professor Kais Hamza The Percolation on Cellular Automata https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/jiayu-li/
Monash University Aram Perez Dr Tim Garoni Limit Theorems for the Curie-Weiss Model https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/aram-perez/
Murdoch University Monica Seeber Associate Professor Gerd Schroeder-Turk Accuracy and Limits of Nodal Surface Approximations of the Lonsdaleit Minimal Surface https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/monica-seeber/
Queensland University of Technology Jack Powers Associate Professor Paul Corry Optimisation of Surgical Waiting List Management https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/jack-powers/
Queensland University of Technology Abhishek Varghese Professor Christopher Drovandi Adaptive Tolerance Selection for SMC ABC https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/abhishek-varghese/
Queensland University of Technology Montana Wickens Associate Professor Michael Bode Optimal Control of Translocation Strategies for Threatened Australian Mammals https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/montana-wickens/
RMIT University Angus Walsh Associate Professor Nicolas Menicucci Entanglement Harvesting in Flat Spacetime https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/angus-walsh/
RMIT University Cameron Mclaren Dr Arathi Arakala Studying the Human Mobility Patterns in Victoria Pre- and Post-COVID-19 https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/cameron-mclaren/
RMIT University Eamonn Kashyap Associate Professor Marc Demange Online Colouring Overlap Graphs https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/eamonn-kashyap/
Swinburne University of Technology Joshua Rogers Dr Nathan Clisby Accurate Multi-Gas Emissions Equivalence Modelling of Greenhouse Gases https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/joshua-rogers/
Swinburne University of Technology Ngoc Phuong Van Nguyen Associate Professor Tonghua Zhang Mathematical Modelling of Harmful Algal Blooms https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/ngoc-phuong-van-nguyen/
The University of Adelaide Liam Blake Associate Professor Sanjeeva Balasuriya Improving Clustering Techniques for Identifying Lagrangian Coherent Structures https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/liam-blake/
The University of Adelaide Bridget Smart Dr Lewis Mitchell Understanding How Influence Affects Information Flow in Online Social Networks https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/bridget-smart/
The University of Melbourne Meg Tully Dr Jennifer Flegg & Dr Sophie Zaloumis Statistical Modelling of Malaria Parasite Clearance https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/meg-tully/
The University of Melbourne Ashley Hanson Dr Mark Fackrell The Price of Anarchy, the Price of Stability, and the Price of Communication in Interacting Intensive Care Units https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/ashley-hanson/
The University of Melbourne Michael Law Dr Thomas Quella Topological Phases in Quantum Systems with Quantum Group Symmetries https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/michael-law/
The University of Melbourne Gyu Hwan Park Dr Heejung Shim Variational Inference for Bayesian Nonnegative Matrix Factorisation https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/gyu-hwan-park/
The University of Melbourne Rebecca Rasmussen Professor Barry Hughes What Kind of Random Walk are These Biological Cells Doing? https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/rebecca-rasmussen/
The University of Melbourne MohammadSaleh Naghdi Dr Charles Hill & Dr Thomas Quella Quantum Boltzmann Machines: An Investigation https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/saleh-naghdi/
UNSW Tiana Tsang Ung Dr Thomas Britz Computational Searches for Combinatorial Designs https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/tiana-tsang-ung/
UNSW Juan Avila Molina Dr Vera Roshchina Finding the Body of Minimal Resistance https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/juan-avila-molina/
UNSW Sona Reddy Dr Vera Roshchina & Vinesha Peiris Distribution of Maximal and Minimal Deviation in Multivariate Chebyshev Approximation Problem https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/sona-reddy/
The University of Newcastle Cameron Shaw-Carmody Professor Florian Breuer Experimental Number Theory with Sage https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/cameron-shaw-carmody/
The University of Newcastle Bowen Parnell Dr Hamish Waterer Lot Sizing on a Cycle https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/bowen-parnell/
The University of Queensland Wilson Lorensyah Dr Alan Huang Robust Adjustments to Random Effects Models for Dispersed Counts https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/wilson-lorensyah/
The University of Queensland Marcus Flook Dr Artem Pulemotov Naturally Reductive Metrics on Homogeneous Spaces https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/marcus-flook/
The University of Queensland Benjamin Solomon Dr Travis Scrimshaw Super Box-Ball Systems https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/benjamin-solomon/
The University of Sydney Elizabeth Rose Dr Robert Marangell Incorporating Spatio-Temporal Convection Effects in Classical Snowball Earth Models https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/elizabeth-rose/
The University of Sydney Dibyendu Roy Dr Alexander Fish The Polynomial Method in Additive Combinatorics https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/dibyendu-roy/
The University of Sydney Andrew Rajchert Dr Alexander Fish & Associate Professor Dzmitry Badziahin Glasner Property for (Semi-)Group Actions https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/andrew-rajchert/
The University of Sydney Youheng Yao Professor Stephan Tillmann Representation Varieties of Once-Punctured Torus Bundles https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/youheng-yao/
The University of Western Australia Jack Mulqueeney Dr Thomas Stemler & Dr Thomas Jüngling Stochastic Modelling of Deterministic Time Series https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/jack-mulqueeney/
The University of Western Australia Joshua Crawford Professor Luchezar Stoyanov Inverse Scattering in the Recovery of a Single Concave and a Finite Union of Disjoint Convex Obstacles https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/joshua-crawford/
The University of Western Australia Luke Thomas Associate Professor Leandro Magnusson & Professor Inge Koch The Robustness of Limited Dependent Variable Modles to Misspecification https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/luke-thomas/
University of South Australia Benjamin Babu Dr Bronwyn Hajek & Associate Professor Marta Krasowska Nanoscale Sessile Droplets Shape Prediction Comparison Between Theory and Experiment https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/benjamin-babu/
University of Technology Sydney John Cu Professor Murray Elder Length of Embedded Circuits in Geodetic Graphs https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/john-cu/
University of Wollongong Alex Paviour Associate Professor Adam Rennie & Dr Alexander Mundey Facts Are Relative https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/alex-paviour/
University of Wollongong Tianze Wei Associate Professor Mark Nelson The Effect of Population Heterogeneity on the Spread of Contagious Diseases https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/tianze-wei/
Western Sydney University Anthony Warwick Professor Roozbeh Hazrat Order Ideal Relations and Structural Properties of Leavitt Path Algebras https://srs.amsi.org.au/student-profile/anthony-warwick/
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