No! Really! This world can all be considered as a function if you think deeply enough. After all, in the purest form, a function just means converting an input to produce an output. So, there are functions for everything. It can be a function to turn your speech into a computer language, it can be the mathematical function that I have worked on using mathematics symbols and letter such as x, y, z. Look carefully, it is a function.

Therefore, to grab the key of life, you just have to understand all of those needed functions to convert all of your inputs to your desired outputs. Right? However, as you could have guessed, most of the real-life functions are very complicated. They are not fixed, they do not have grounded rules, they change from time to time. Well, the key was never to accurately interpreting, just approximately is fine enough. And that what my project was about, approximation theory in mathematics.

Now, you may think like how mathematics functions have anything today with the functions of life. It sounds more like I am making things up. But, they actually do. Look no further, just download a dating app. Because underneath them is a algorithm to find your perfect partners using machine learning prediction model which is based on a approximation function (Joel et al. 2017).

Considering that, approximation theory holds quite a power. That is the reason why it has interested me so much to understand it deeply and trying to grab that power. Especially when I am a person that has a software engineering background. Combining my IT skills with approximation theories is the ultimate goal of mine. In the end, it is my life function to convert my desires to a real-life skills.

Now, let me ask you? What are the functions of your life?


Joel, S., Eastwick, P.W. and Finkel, E.J., 2017. Is romantic desire predictable? Machine learning applied to initial romantic attraction. Psychological science, 28(10), pp.1478-1489.

Bob La
Deakin University

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