When I was in elementary school, I took extra tutorial classes of mathematics as I found mathematics interesting. Mathematics generally appears to be a kind of arts as equations expand relations and can also be proofed. For example, it is not only 5+5 = 10, but also 4+6 = 10. This indicates that there are uncountable ways to find the solution. In other words, other people may use a different way which is not the same as mine to solve the solution. So, these are the reasons why I love mathematics.

I enrolled in and accomplished Bachelor of Science (Science) in Industrial Optimisation Major (BSc Science) and Data Science Minor at Curtin University, Perth, Australia. During this time of my life, I realised that I had made a right decision. In the final project of my third year, there was a unit called ‘Industrial Project’. The topic of my project was about Quadratic Knapsack Problem in logistic field. It was challenging and fun as objective function and constraints are according to the real-world problem. In my own perspective, creating mathematical models to solve real-world problem is so challenged. However, implementing solution methods to reduce the running time of those models is more difficult. There may be hundreds of ways to reduce the running time. This is a kind of mathematical beauty I realised after I had done the project. Therefore, I decided to continue studying Bachelor Honours Degree in Mathematical Science at Curtin University to further improve my knowledge.

My recent research project is still about Quadratic Knapsack Problem. During the Industrial Project Unit, I aimed to complete a packing and routing problem. However, I was not able to finish routing problem as the duration of the unit was around three months. I would like to thank AMSI and my supervisor for this opportunity for me to continue doing this project. While doing this project, I obtained a lot of new skills and knowledges, such as coding skills in python and other coding languages, getting better in English, such as writing and reading skill.

In the future, I hope to publish this project to be a journal paper. Also, I would like to continue studying PhD after Bachelor Honours Degree. My recent goal is to become a good researcher. Therefore, I can have an ability to improve my country when I go back and educate young generations.

Ponpot Jartnillaphand
Curtin University

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