Abstract: Discover how enduring long school days and parental pressure shaped my passion for math in a demanding academic environment. With my mom’s guidance, math became more than just numbers. Dive into the fascinating blend of art and mathematics in geometry, where visualizing shapes and solving problems transformed math into an exciting adventure. Join me as I uncover the joy of learning and the pursuit of fulfillment through mathematics and the concept of Ikigai.

Being a student in my country meant enduring long school days, starting at 7 am and lasting until 4:30 pm, with scarce breaks and minimal opportunities for outdoor activities. The academic environment was demanding, adding to the stress as parents had high expectations for top-notch grades. To meet these expectations, many of us, myself included, attended extra classes after the regular school hours. Fortunately, having a mother who was a math teacher proved to be an advantage, providing me with invaluable support and guidance at home.

Mathematics soon became more than just a subject; it became my passion. With my mom’s assistance, I not only became proficient in math but also developed a genuine enjoyment for it. It felt like unlocking secrets and solving puzzles, and I relished the satisfaction of unraveling complex problems. Despite the common belief that algebra was the easier path, I was determined to delve into every aspect of math, including the world of geometry.

Geometry, with its blend of art and mathematics, added a fascinating dimension to my mathematical journey. Visualizing shapes and tackling problems became an enjoyable challenge, transforming math into an exciting and comprehensible experience. The thrill of exploring geometric concepts and solving intricate problems fueled my excitement for learning, making each discovery in geometry a source of joy and fascination.

In this pursuit of mathematical understanding, I stumbled upon Ikigai—the concept of finding purpose and joy in one’s pursuits. It wasn’t merely about achieving good grades; it was about finding fulfillment and delight in what I was learning. Geometry, in particular, played a crucial role in altering my perspective on math, introducing a unique way of thinking that sparked my creativity and imagination.

As I reflect on my relationship with math, I realize that it extends beyond mere calculations and equations. It has evolved into a form of self-expression and a valuable instrument for tackling obstacles. With the concept of Ikigai in mind, I understand that my interest in math goes beyond academic experience; it serves as a compass guiding me towards fulfillment.

Minh Thu Nguyen
Swinburne University of Technology

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