Rudra Kumar

Deakin University


Rudra is currently studying a Bachelor of IT at Deakin University with a major in programming. His research interest is studying the effects of Interactive Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality games on areas of historical, cultural and geographical interest utilising various mathematical models to interpret data collected during gameplay sessions.

He hopes to uncover insights regarding player engagement at the sites of interest by analysing, visualising and interpreting data relating to player actions to encourage active interaction with artifacts at these locations.

Evaluating an Augmented-Reality Experience to Determine Play Strategies

Interest in engagement with our cultural heritage, environment, community, and facilities is on the decline. Building interactive and visually pleasing software using Augmented Reality can revive audience interest in these areas and encourage active interaction with artifacts at these locations.

To explore how technology can affect visitor interaction with places of interest an Augmented Reality location-based application prototype has been developed that uses game-based interactions to guide a player through an environment.

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