James Lawless

University of Wollongong


James is a second-year student studying a Bachelor of Mathematics and Science (Physics) at the University of Wollongong. His main interest is in the relationship between
mathematical equations and their corresponding geometric meaning. He studies Physics to gain an understanding of how mathematics can be used to describe observations in the real world. Throughout high school and university he has learned the importance of enjoying work and being able to communicate ideas with enthusiasm.

Measure Theoretic Definition of Black Hole Area

Black hole area and mass are related via the black hole area theorem. The Penrose inequality conjectures that this relationship can be extended to place a lower bound on the total mass of our universe and thus also prove a generalised form of the positive mass theorem. Proofs of the black hole area theorem use problematic assumptions. This project will study how these assumptions are used and attempt to remove them by seeking Giulini’s desired ‘measure theoretic’ definition of area.

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