Jackson Ryder

University of Queensland


Jackson is a student at the University of Queensland, and is currently completing his third year of a Bachelor of Mathematics, majoring in pure mathematics. During this time Jackson has gained invaluable research skills, having completed a project in the area of graph theory, and plans to further these skills through his vacation research. He is interested in algebra and graph theory, and hopes to undertake an honours project related to these fields.

Adoption of Agricultural Technologies in African Countries

Since 2010, the SIMLESA program has been introducing sustainable agricultural technologies to farms in Southern and Eastern Africa, to increase crop yield and overall food security. Throughout the course of this program, surveys were conducted, obtaining data about which of the technologies had been adopted by each of the farms. The aim of this project is to examine a network which encodes the information obtained from these surveys. Using techniques from network analysis, the structure of the network will be investigated, which will provide insight into the effectiveness of this program.

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